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Framework for Grantmaking and Learning

YEAR IN REVIEW 2018–2019

Dear Friends,

In June 2018, we announced All For NC: Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation’s Framework for Grantmaking and Learning. We developed this Framework after taking a step back to better understand current trends happening in our state and to hear directly from communities across North Carolina about their successes, challenges and opportunities.

During this period, we learned that North Carolinians feel uncertain about the future, and simultaneously desire a deeper sense of connection to one another and to their communities. We learned that our journey towards racial equity is more important than ever and incorporating a racial equity lens into all of the work we do is critical. We also learned that while we have a role to play at both the state and local levels, we must always remember that every community is unique, and that our support must be tailored to each.  

Our Framework reflects the North Carolina we see today – the one we want to see in the future – and builds off our mission and core values. We remain open and flexible to stay current with emerging needs and developments. We are investing at both the grassroots and statewide levels. We are investing in organizations and projects that change policies and practices, and in those that change minds. We are investing in new leaders and new ideas. And across the board, we are investing in actions at every level that bring us together as North Carolinians who understand both the myriad of stories and experiences that have shaped us as individuals, and the shared values, history and vision that make us one.

This report shares where we are after our first full year of implementing our All For NC Framework. In it, we believe you will find information that will inspire you and make you proud of what your fellow North Carolinians are doing to improve the quality of life in our state.

In addition, you will see a snapshot of current investments we have made throughout the year and a reminder of our enduring commitments reflected throughout every aspect of our work. We invite you to read through this report and to reach out to us with your thoughts and ideas of how we can continue to make North Carolina a better place for all.

W. Noah Reynolds
President, Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation

Maurice “Mo” Green
Executive Director, Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation

November 2019

This report shares where we are after our first full year of implementing our All For NC Framework.

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